The Australian poet Alan Jefferies asked his Facebook friends to tell him a memory of him and them. I told him I loved the way he had lead a poetry workshop in the Wairarapa to the north of Wellington, NZ in 2016. 

It was a truly inspiring day held in the Wairarapa residency for writers where Alan was staying. The workshop was organised by Wairarapa poet and artist Madeleine Marie Slavick. 

I took a poem I had done at Polytechnic Whitireia for my diploma in creative writing. About a weta. And I came back with two great interpretations. But that is a story for another day, because I need to find those poems in our new house…

On Facebook, I saw Alan had written an amazing poem based on some memories that had touched him . Unintentionally, I took that idea to sleep with me and woke up with a poem, that I noted down. I thought it was a first draft but it is actually as good as it will get. For now. Here it is:


I bit the centre from the web

I let the silver lines loose

Not so they would end in candy floss

That tight unbreathable sugar 

More so they caught the sun

Twirling tiny rays spun

Spinning around my head


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