Then and now: here a year!


My bike and I are loving Leeuwarden, enjoying all the festive lights!

On Thursday 30 November 2017, it was exactly a year after we touched down at Schiphol and spent a few days in Amsterdam.

This anniversary was quite strange. First we went to do some stuff at a sollicitor as we are buying a house soon. Then back home I was just getting ready to leave for work in the afternoon when a neighbour rang my doorbell. She had been shut out when her toddler had locked the door from the inside.

I tried to persuade the 2-year old with a stroopwafel (syrup waffle) but she thought I was a looney and preferred watching tv. So my neighbour called the police on my phone. 

I cycled to work about 10 mins later when near my house I saw a dog walking himself. Not a normal thing here. So I followed it around the corner to see if he belonged to anyone. I thought he did when he ran up to a man with another dog, a white poddley thing on a lead. 

But he didn’t. The man looked back to me as I was observing all of them as if to say: get your dog back. I said it was not my dog. And the man and his white pooldlet hurried over the wooden bridge with the shepard on their tails. 

I called the police – yep my phone again – and told them about the stray dog. They said they’d be there shortly so I decided to speed to work seeing all this being a good citizen was making me late. But then I made the mistake to look back.

I looked back and the man was now carrying the white fluffy dog. The shepard was jumping up against the man and the man was trying to get the dog to go back over the small wooden bridge towards the busy roads. None of that!

I turned and yelled to the man that the police were on their way. He was getting in such a state with his white fluffy thing in his arms and he asked me to keep the shepard back. 

As I was once bitten by a shepard, I am not that keen on them… But a man cycled past and I got him to help so we barred the dog behind our bikes. Unfortunately he had to go to his appointment straight away. More important than keeping my job obviously but I stayed with the stray who was not a shepard but a husky, I had now learnt.

The dog did start listening to me. He was quite well-behaved. And now I really want our own dog after we have moved. Anyway, not much space for the photos. Next time! 


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