Then and now…


Looking outside at the rain and the sun, the trees leafless but full of wild clouds and the occasional migrant birds, I decided to start a ‘then and now’ on instagram. It’s coming up to a year since we left NZ after nearly 10 years. Here’s this week’s series:

17 November 2017

The streets in Leeuwarden are dark at 5pm but the lights in the city are warm, even some blue light on the water under the bridge.

17 November 2016

The bright spring sky lights up the main street of Featherston. The yellow Wind-Grass sculpture is by Konstantin Dimopoulos

16 November 2017

The cloudy early morning sky is warmed up by the many colourful barges along the canals in Leeuwarden. Like this November.

16 November 2016

Took these photos walking to the train station on my way to work, must have been about 6am. I should try and add a sound sample of the enormous dawn chorus of birds welcoming the new day.

15 November 2017

On my cycle ride to work I am nearing the city centre. It is misty, to the right the old prison-turned-craft shops/restaurants. The high Achmea Tower is lost in the fog.

15 November 2016

Two days after the 2016 earthquake, the first day the trains were running and I could go to my last week of work at NIWA. Taken from the bus near Kia Ora Bay I believe.


2 thoughts on “Then and now…

    • Kirsten Bett

      Thanks Kim, am having a massively busy year but from Jan onwards hope to have more time and enjoy uour blogs again too. Hope everything is well with you all!!! Xxx


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