Used up my luck for this year?


People who know me well know I am not the highly organised and structured person that comes out of those employer tests. My partner Wim nearly choked when I told him I was very organised, and structured, according to this test we all had to do at the communications unit of this government department I worked for in New Zealand. 

And I swear I tell the truth in these tests. Sort of. When I tell Wim I have lost something like my glasses it has got to the point that he does not even reply. And then I usually say: “Oh they were in my bag” or my pocket or my this or that.

Tonight however, after work, after emptying my two bags in the enormous bike shed at work, and going past security back up the stairs and not finding what I was looking for. Tonight however, Wim believed me when I told him I lost my keys.

I left around 11:45 in the deluge of rain that had been going on since yesterday. I closed the door of the storage space, it’s like a second front door. And then I checked I hadn’t left the gas on. Is that not a bit  senile if you have not even been cooking and then I left. 

With visions of our burgled house, the cats roaming the streets, I cycled home. So so lucky to find the keys still in the door at 6pm, locked and well.


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