Where are the tui?


Swans and their little ones, spring is well on its way in NL!

In NZ tui sounds meant winter was truly ending. In the backyard the kowhai bloomed and the tui came and sang their special tunes. This spring my ears tune in to their song but instead I hear the chattering swans fly over.

Brilliant as  well as imposant, I stand beneath them and wonder what they talk about as their wings make that sail-like flutter. Or are they just telling each other off like a road-rage in the sky: “Keep to your track Swan” “Dont make me give you the finger or I will drop dead.” “Sounds like a plan…”

They sound more amicable than that whatever they are discussing. All the fuss the tui used to make in that yellow kowhai tree. The more experienced the more beautiful the song. Is that what a swan song is all about then? 

The sound of swans is stunning in a different way, here’s a BBC video on YouTube. 


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