Art bridge


Crazy excitement at local normality gives me away every time. There I am cycling to work on a Thursday. Going round the corner to the Vrouwenpoortsbrug, red lights flicker, bells ring, the red-white barrier closes. The bridge opens.

I smile at the lady cyclist next to me who stares back at me like I am a nutter. Open bridge means waiting time, nothing to smile about.

But we ain’t seen nothing yet as the water side of the bridge brings up a gigantic painting. By Bonny it says. Wow! How cool is that?

Later I google Bonny and find out he did this artwork to celebrate Leeuwarden being the European Cultural Capital in 2018. With this work he salutes Gerriet Postma en Beb Mulder.

Bonny worked with students of a local dance academy to create it as you can see in this YouTube video.

Here’s another YouTube video that shows the opening of the Vrouwenpoortsbrug


5 thoughts on “Art bridge

      • Kath

        Yep, you cycled past one of them, the Oriental Bay seafront wall. Then there’s the crimson rata mural at the Zealandia cafe and the Living Cloak mural on the Terrace retaining wall. Brilliant!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kirsten Bett

        Yep, stunning, can’t believe I forgot about the Oriental Bay one, it’s so cool! Thanks for reminding me, am now following her Pinterest.


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