Ebikes and coffee


Not the fastest cyclist in the world, it’s fine when other cyclists overtake me. I started to worry when even greyer heads bobbed past me… Oh well, ebikes are the thing here. I am sticking to my Swedish Pilen Lyx as I bike for fitness and if it blows I bike a bit slower.

First thing I loved about being back in NL was the cycling culture, the no-helmet-needed because we have cycle tracks and road rules to protect us, the no changing into lycra please – just get on your bike and ride to work, to the supermarket, to the station, to the city, to the cinema, to anywhere.

Coffee though. Wellington you are blessed, blessed, blessed. I miss the Wellington coffee like crazy. If you look hard you can get a good latte in Leeuwarden. In Wellington you blink and a great coffee is there for the taking. So so good. Missing Greta Point Café,  all Mojo cafés, and Espressoholic to name just a few, I bought a good coffee machine the day after crossing the Frisian border.

So far I have had a really good brew in Broodje Bewust and the filter coffee in De Harmonie last Wednesday was pretty good too. 

I am a coffee snob, I know. What about you? Can you sip a weak milky replica or do you need the real thing?


3 thoughts on “Ebikes and coffee

  1. Kath

    Am sitting on the train, heading south to Wellington. Your “old” commute. It’s a long way. A bike and a great coffee awaits on the harbour cycle. And…no, simply no lycra in the combo. I refuse! Miss seeing you on the journey.

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