Easing into another winter


Reier Pos lights up the Scheepvaart Museum at the Amsterdam Light Festival.

We took a canal tour in Amsterdam, enjoying the light festival. When we approached the Scheepvaart Museum I thought I heard the name of the designer to be Reier Pos, who I used to know in my far gone youth. I asked Google who said I was correct. Wow, great that he followed his dream and is so succesful. Notice a theme here…

Last September Wim and I decided to follow our new dream, to move back to the Netherlands. This time the beautiful north and to try and create a better life-work balance. A better life-work balance than in New Zealand? Yep.

We lived in the Wairarapa, a rural area north of Wellington behind the Rimutakas, a mountain range that the locals call ‘the hill’… We had a great house in New Zealand, at least in summer. From about December till April.

In winter it was a different story. I opened the chook house in the dark at 6am, the chooks did not stir — no sirry, they are not that stupid. Walked to the station in the dark though things had improved after Bell Street got a pavement in 2013 I think. The stars were grand and spectacular on cloudless mornings and nights. I caught the 6:27 train, and arrived around 7:45 at Greta Point, Wellington. Returning in the dark around 6:45pm. Doing this five days a week, although my last job let me blissfully work from home on Fridays.

The insanity of it all hit home after Wim had started a job in Wellington as well. He got home around a quarter to 8. Where was this lifestyle we had hoped to achieve… Also, we longed to be around family and friends. Commuting 3 hours a day does not leave much time for socialising and hey, when you finally see the garden in the weekend, it does not necessarily mean: relax baby…
So we decided to dream some more.Our house sold in a week, the cats flew out on 22 November, we left on 28 November, from spring into winter and we loved how the lights greeted us!


4 thoughts on “Easing into another winter

  1. Kath

    I’m still marching that commute Kirsten, and questioning it again as I enjoy a 5 week break. Look what the garden did when I wasn’t looking the last 12 months!?! I remind myself that I am wrestling a 1st-world problem here. Hmm…


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